Gazzi Mara

Sales Manager Bioenergy (Ekman & Co. AB)

My name is Mara Gazzi and I am Sales Manager for the Bioenergy Division of Ekman & Co. Ab, Sweden. Ekman is the leading biomass trader in Europe. The company owns and operates the first wood pellet plant built in Europe (1986) and delivers wood pellets to the residential markets in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Italy & Greece. Ekman is also performing regular sales of industrial wood pellets to all the major utilities as well as medium scale customers.

I am Italian and based in Italy and I have been previously working for 15 years in the paper business.

I have been entering the Bioenergy market some 3 years ago with the luck of doing it by one of the best main doors available: Ekman is a global powerful reality where thinking flexible and working professionally is the real deal of every day, just like this Industry requires.

It is with utmost pleasure that I join the Athens Biomass Day 2018.


Κρήτης 13, Νέα Ιωνία, ΤΚ 14231
Τ.: 210 2796459